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Puppy Socials

Saturdays 11:00 – 12:00 

At Good Dog Day Care, we love all dogs, but especially the confident, playful, well-adjusted ones.  If you have a new puppy in your household and want to support “social” growth in a safe and clean environment, come to our state of the art facility and watch your pup blossom. Ask your veterinarian, even if they have advised you to not expose your pup to public until all shots are completed,-you can and should still bring your pup to our place to get those important emotional/social experiences.


Puppies get to play with other puppies. Good Dog Day Care Puppy Socials are supervised by our trained staff while your buddy makes new friends and learns how to play nicely. Your pup will have positive interactions with a variety of people and learn to read and respond to canine body language. 
Come socialize with other puppy parents and talk about the rewards and challenges of raising a puppy.  Our staff is here to supervise, discuss useful training tips and answer questions you may have.


1) Lots of tiny/tasty treats
2) Vaccination records
3) Healthy pup (free from sneezing, coughing or diarrhea in the past 48 hours)
4) Flat collar that can release quickly (no choke chains or pinch collars)


A few details: No pre-registration necessary.  $10 fee at the door.
Pups must be 2 weeks past their first DHPP vaccine. Pups should be under 5 months of age when they attend their first social.   Smaller breed pups may be older if they are friendly and social.   Our staff may make other socialization or training recommendations for you if our social is not appropriate for your dog.  We want what’s best for your dog and best for the group. 

What about Training?  We promote reward based, positive reinforcement training methods.

*social schedule is subject to change.  Please call (510) 324-1176(510) 324-1176 or check the website for updates prior to attendance”